Titanium Peeler - The Ultimate Kitchen Tool!

Created by Warren Simpson

Titanium Peeler - The Ultimate Kitchen Tool!
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Learn About Our Project:

If you've ever wanted a fully-titanium vegetable peeler, then you're on the right page...

I designed and made this high-end Titanium Peeler after Backers of my previous project all but demanded I make it.

Earlier this year on Kickstarter I launched the world's first fully titanium cheese slicer ...and it was a massive success (I shipped over 500+ titanium cheese slicers).

The very same Backers who were blown away with their titanium cheese-slicers were demanding I design and make a titanium peeler for them too!

So I got to work...

I've been a CNC machinist and engineer for over 25 years. From racing car parts to aerospace parts. You name it ... and I've probably made it.   

Before I even got started I knew the peeler had to look good and feel great because I was going to design it to last at least a lifetime (and probably several).

After hundreds of hours of development, testing and tweaking ... the Titanium Peeler was finished:

Let's get into what makes this peeler so special...

Fully Grade 5 Titanium

This titanium peeler has only two components... and both are made entirely from Grade 5 Titanium.

Bespoke Made

Please understand...

This titanium peeler is not some mass-produced product.

There are no cheap-and-nasty manufacturing techniques used to make this peeler.

There is no stamping, pressing, bending, punching … or any other cost-cutting methods used.


Both the blade and body of EVERY Titanium Peeler are individually machined ...ONE AT A TIME.

This is a true bespoke made piece designed to last generations.


Double-Edged Blade

You’re probably wondering if the titanium blade is going to be sharp enough...

...and the short answer is: yes!

Because of the requirements of a blade for the purpose of peeling ...titanium is an easy choice because the more commonly used “carbon steel” blade can rust ...and “ceramic” blades can break.

But titanium will do none of these things!

Also, the blade and handle have been designed symmetrically.

What does this mean?

Well, two things:

Firstly, you can use this peeler either right-handed or left-handed.

Secondly, you can peel towards you:

...or away from you:

Titanium-Nitride Coated Blade (Add-On Option)

The titanium blade is around 20% harder than standard blades (Note: I personally did Rockwell-Hardness tests myself using dedicated measuring equipment).

And, I'm also offering a Gold Titanium-Nitride hard-coating as an additional upgrade.

Thumb Grooves

The peeler boasts “Thumb Grooves” on both sides of the handle.

This helps you maintain a firm grip while using your peeler:

Proven Ergonomic Handle

The handle of the peeler uses the same tried-and-tested design from my hugely popular Titanium Cheese Slicer.

This is the same handle design I shipped over 500 Titanium Cheese Slicers with in my last Kickstarter project.

Integrated “Potato Eyer”

If you’re peeling potatoes, then this feature is your best friend!

You will encounter “eyes” (those little sprout-like bits) when peeling potatoes … and this masterful function will “pop” them out in one quick flick:


100% Food-safe and Dishwasher-safe

Titanium is probably the most food-safe material available. It cannot rust. (unlike some stainless steels).

In fact, as you're probably aware, titanium is so safe that surgeons will actually insert it in our bodies (artificial joints, and so on).

Because this Peeler is made entirely from titanium AND has a hard-wearing surface finish then you can confidently put it in your dishwasher.

Hang Your Peeler

Because I know a lot of people like to have their utensils hanging ­up for quick and easy access, I've made sure to put a hole on the rear of the handle for this purpose.

The hole is 7­­mm (­­0.275") in diameter.

Size + Weight

The titanium Peeler comes in at a nice-and-light 50 grams (around 1.8 oz).

It's 185mm (around 7") long and machined from 6mm (just under 1/4") thick titanium.

Fits Any Cutlery Drawer

I've made sure the dimensions of this Titanium Peeler allow it to fit in your cutlery drawer.

It's a little shorter than the average fork and knife.

Elegant Minimalist Design

Although I started the design of this peeler with function in mind …

… I made sure it looked damn good as well.

This is something you’re going to have around for decades … so it needs to be something you can live with in terms of looks.

A TRUE Two-Part Design

With other “all metal” peelers you may have seen … they are typically not all metal.

Almost always there are plastic bushes or rubber components that WILL eventually break-down and perish over time.

This peeler is a true two-part design:

Precision CNC Machined

Not only is the handle of the Titanium Peeler CNC-machined from a solid billet of titanium…

But, the titanium blade is precision machined too...

Ultra-Smooth & Hard-Wearing Surface Finish

I'm ensuring this Peeler has the same hard-wearing and ultra-smooth surface finish as the Titanium Cheese-Slicer in my previous Kickstarter project.

I'm having someone do this for me because I consider him to be the most knowledgeable and experienced person for titanium finishing here in New Zealand.

This is the only part of the product I will "outsource".

Designed & Made in New Zealand

I'm a designer and machinist with my own machines and so will be producing this Titanium Peeler from scratch.

Apart from outsourcing to a friend to get the surface finish done I'm producing this Peeler entirely at my home-workshop.

Oh, and we're a "family business"... I have my wife Rachel working with me most days in the workshop. And one of my daughters too (when she's home from college).

I want to make this Titanium Peeler available to others ­but there needs to be a minimum quantity to make production possible. And that's the whole reason for this Kickstarter campaign.

My "Kleb Design" logo on the side of the Titanium Peeler - something like this...

Oh, and of course:

I will be offering you a chance to get my original Titanium Cheese Slicer as a Reward on this project as well.

Actually, about the cheese slicer, it's not just for cheese - my wife and I personally use it all the time for slicing vegetables:

So let's talk Rewards...

I'm aware this Peeler is not for everyone. If you're happy with cheaper, mass-produced peeler - that's great.

But if, like me, you want a high-performance, fully-titanium Peeler that will last you for the rest of your life ­...then take a look at the Rewards available to you below:








Reward Add-On

Once you've selected the Reward you want then click on the corresponding Reward-level in the Rewards section and make your pledge.

Thank you for checking out my project and I look forward to making and shipping your Titanium Peeler to you.


Warren Simpson


Why Don't You Have Any Stretch Goals?

This is my third Kickstarter project and so I want to keep things as simple as possible.

Where Is The Titanium Peeler Made?

Everything from cutting to machining to shipping is done right here where I live in New Zealand.

I have my own CNC machining equipment where I work from my home-based workshop.